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8,01 EUR*
Details 100ml Eukalyptus ?therisches ?l / Pure Essential

In aromatherapy. this essential oil helps to clear the mind and focus concentration. while reducing swelling in the mucus membranes. It is very valuable in fighting respiratory problems. fighting inflammation and sore muscles. rheumatism. headaches and...

81,21 EUR*
Details Propolis Acne Gel 6 Gm.(BY PPR) by Merveile

Acne Gel to solve all the problems of acne. Ingredients from 100% natural extracts.;- Propolis Reduces the number of bacteria that causes acne. Help the inflammation It's a pimple - Lavender Oil Reduces the accumulation of bacteria. And help heal...

13,98 EUR*
Details Nopal Cactus Tea Caffeine Free Natural Mint - 20 Tea Bags

Only Natural Nopal Cactus Tea Caffeine Free Natural Mint Description: Herbal Beverage Natural Mint Flavor No Caffeine 20 Bags Nopal cactus has been used as a natural alternative to relieve inflammation and to promote healthy blood sugar levels. Free Of...

91,41 EUR*
Details Acne Clear Whitening Toner 150 ML.(Honest Succeed) by Smooth E

Niacinamide or Vitamin B3 vitamins that help keep the skin moist and athletic versatility. Reduce the inflammation of acne The results in the skin as well Salicylic Acid- skin on top. With melted fat that clogs pores.;Vitamin E - helps to moisturize...

16,68 EUR*
Details crème fixative confort à la camomille 40g- (for multi-item order extra postage cost will be reimbursed)

Porter un appareil dentaire peut entrainer désagréments et inflammations. Grâce à sa nouvelle formule, Steradent Confort prend soin de vos gencives grâce à: - Une fixation qui dure toute la journée. - Une formule qui contient des extraits de camomille...

91,65 EUR*
Details DR HAUSCHKA - Cure intensive à partir de 25 ans -- (for multi-item order extra postage cost will be reimbursed)

Pour la peau impure adulte, avec tendance aux inflammations, la Cure Intensive Clarifiante (à partir de 25 ans) est un soin efficace. Grâce à sa composition à base de gemme péridot, de chicorée sauvage, de mercuriale, de saumure thermale naturelle et...